Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back Off Facebook Stalker!

So I'm on Facebook and I see I have a new friend request. Now, I'm super picky about my Facebook. I'm not friending anyone that I'm not actually friends with. I don't need to search out and friend everyone that I've ever come into contact with just to up my numbers. Like, "Oh remember me, random guy from that party at that chick's house?" No. If you're on my Facebook it means we actually have some sort of communication on a regular basis. I will, in fact, periodically delete people that I don't talk to. It's kind of cruel I know, but seriously, I don't care if some girl from high school that I had one class with is super excited about seeing New Moon. Fuck that.

So there's this girl that tried to friend me. We went to high school together. I knew who she was, but we weren't friends or anything. I don't even remember if I even liked her or not. So I ignored her. And I felt fine about it. Then a few days later she tried to friend me again. I'm confused. I know Facebook doesn't tell people when you ignore them. So is she waiting for me to friend her and noticing that I'm not? I still don't feel the need to be friends with this person so I ignore her again.

Cut to today. She is fucking TRYING TO FRIEND ME AGAIN! Bitch, get the clue! We never hung out, we had no classes or activities or ANYTHING together. And now you're just annoying. Back off stalker! Do you do this to everyone that won't friend you or is it just me? And why do you need me to be your friend on freakin' Facebook so badly? What the fuck?

So we'll see if she tries it again. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some people that just didn't make the cut...


  1. Sara, I feel your pain. I deleted a bunch of former public school and highschool 'friends' (that were never really my friends but wanted me on there anyways...). I then deleted people that I never talk to anymore. Very promptly, I got a message from someone asking me what they did wrong for me to delete them?

  2. Wow there were alot of fucks in that blog! So I really want to know who it was... I'm thinking it the same one who is stalking me!