Monday, June 21, 2010

I Think I'm Alone Now...

Yesterday, Chris returned from his Great European Tour. He had been gone for two and a half weeks. That's the longest amount of time we've been apart since we got married. I'll admit, I was a little worried. Was I going to be one of THOSE girls that get all depressed and mope around the whole time. Who go out with friends, but sigh deeply every five minutes until you want to drown them in your all-you-can-eat soup salad and breadsticks? Thankfully, no. This is what I've learned....

1. I have great friends! I spent a lot of time hanging out with my girls. Shopping, happy hours, movies, parties; they really came through for me.

2. Being single is expensive. See above: shopping, movies, etc. Without Chris there to keep me in check I felt flush with cash. Tears and recriminations to follow.

3. I have big plans and little follow-through. I'll organize all our photos! I'll make a new recipe every day! I'll have a crafting party! Or I'll lay on the couch watching True Blood and call that bag of Smartpop dinner. Yeah.

Mainly though, I learned that I can have a great time by myself. That I could live alone and not get freaked out by weird noises. (Still not going in the basement after dark, though. Just sayin'.) That I really do have a lot of stuff to keep me occupied. And most of all, that I'm glad when he comes back. Especially with a bag full of British snack foods. Roast Chicken potato chips anyone?