Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The GPS tried to kill us...again.

To be fair, the GPS didn't so much try to kill us as it tried to make Chris go crazy so that he killed us. Clever GPS. It started out so innocent...

"Let's go eat enchiladas and go to Value Village," I said. "MMMM....enchiladas," Chris said.

After consuming an entire Mexican village worth of food, I google Value Village. I opt for the one that seems closest. We get into the area where the Value Village is supposed to be, but no VV in sight.

Chris: I thought you knew where it was.

Me: I know approximately where it should be. What, you need EXACT directions?

Chris: Apparently you do.

Me: How long have you known me?! My motto is,"It's Around Here Somewhere."

Chris: *grumble, grumble*

Me: It's like an adventure!

Chris: *stabbing eyes out*

Me: Fine. That's why we have the GPS.

Or so we thought....

GPS: Go 300 feet and make a right.

Chris: Wait...there's no place to turn.

GPS: Recalculating. Go .2 miles and turn left.

Chris:'s a one way!

GPS: Recalculating! Turn right then make a right.

Chris: ?

GPS: Recalculating. Recalculating! RECALCULATING!

Me: The map is spinning. That can't be good....

Chris: *rage* *anger* *vein in forehead throbbing*

Me: Uh, honey? You ok?


You know when the Hulk is totally about to Hulk out? Yeah, it was kinda like that....
Chris takes the GPS and hurls it into the back seat. There is silence. I wonder if I should say anything (probably not). Then...

GPS: Recalculating.

I couldn't help it. I busted out laughing. It was so goddamned funny! Gales of hysterical laughter. Then Chris broke up too. Pulled over on the side of the road dying laughing. He actually had to get out of the car and climb into the back seat to retrieve the (apparently possessed) GPS. We re-entered the address and it seemed to be working fine.

Chris: This Value Village better be good.

GPS: Arriving at your destination on the right.

Me: Oh, you mean the Value Village that is now a Grocery Outlet?

Hulk angry.....

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  1. Oh my God. SO FUNNY!!!! Sounds like our trip down to Newport, trying to find that restaurant. Then the GPS fell off the window. Seemed like an omen at the time.

    I miss you guys.